Hello! ✨I am Alex Noirs, a Professional Somatic Sex Therapist and Yoni Bodywork Practitioner

With 20 years of dedicated experience, I provide sex coaching and tantric sex therapy for women via bodywork and training.

For half my life, I've soaked up the somatic sex therapy experience and practical knowledge about women's sensuality, physiology and sexual problem-solving techniques. My knowledge comes from the scientific method and my valuable experiance.

Now, I practice Yoni bodywork therapy and tantric sex teaching in Asia, helping hundreds of women find self-discovery, confidence and pleasure.

Yoni Massage Practitioner | Orgasmologist | Sex Coach

Welcome to my transformative world of sensual healing and self-discovery.

Facts you usually want to know about me:
  • I am a 40-year-old straight man.
  • I am from Northern Europe.
  • I have travelled worldwide over the last 20 years, learning and practising.
  • My interests are orgasmology, sensual self-exploring, a healthy lifestyle, sharing knowledge, and connecting with great people and new cultures.

Please don't ask for my photos. Let's initiate a video call and have an honest conversation about your goals or issues.
  • I don't enjoy sharing my photos because I am content with my life and uninterested in seeking additional publicity or attention.

Why do I do this?
  • I am passionate about providing opportunities for women to discover their sensual selves and break free from centuries-old patriarchal legacies and judgmental cultural and societal pressures.
  • 20+
    Years of Experiance
  • 100+
    Completed courses and trainings
  • 1000+
    Satisfied clients
  • 100+
    Countries Clients From

My Journey Like a Somatic Sex Therapist

My journey started twenty years ago. My partner had a sexual problem with achieving orgasm and vaginismus, so It was a significant signal to begin learning how to solve it.

Anticipating, I'll mention that we soon successfully resolved this issue.

From that time, this topic led me. I travelled around the world and learned hundreds of courses and techniques. Worked with thousands of clients from more than a hundred countries with different cultures and sexual traditions.

Whatever where I have been in my travels, I've soaked up the sex therapy experience and practical knowledge about women's sensuality, physiology and sexual problem-solving techniques.

And we all know if you read, learn, understand and practice for a long time, you will become quite good at it.

So, love, destiny and my hunger for information made me good at somatic sex therapy.

Session's atmosphere

I understand – starting a session can be a bit nerve-wracking. Many clients feel nervous before the session, but after we have an intro conversation, they describe feeling safe and comfortable with me throughout the session.

My approach maintains professionalism, politeness, and gentleness, always respecting your boundaries without pressure or misinterpretation.

With me, you can embrace your true self. I never share your information and hold no opinions or judgments about you. Our goal is to liberate you from sexual stereotypes and help you explore your sensual personality.

The session focuses on your sexual education, pleasurable experience and self-discovery, deeply exploring your body's sensual possibilities and erogenous zones and the origins of your true sexuality and dormant sensitivity.

How are My Techniques Different From Other Practitioners?

I. #1 Profesional Orgasmologist in Bangkok: I specialise solely in women's sensuality, guiding transformative journeys of self-discovery and intimate healing grounded in scientific research. My unique approach, the Orgasmologist Protocol, is personally crafted and empowers women to address sexual concerns effectively. Unlike other methods, it emphasises empowerment and sensual self-discovery, encouraging women to explore their bodies, emotions, and desires with curiosity and openness.

II. One-Of-Kind Bespoke Sessions Experience: Before the session, you take a sensual quiz and I take the time to research your sexual base and healt circumstances. This way, every session ensures a bespoke approach and is custom-tailored to meet your individual needs, paying attention to your sensual experience, bodily requirements, and psychological and sexual psychotype.

III. My rates may be higher than others, but you'll always get more with me:

Only a bespoke session experience.

Client issues analysis and session personalisation.

High professionalism and work ethic.

Female safe, friendly and not sexual services.

Free sex couch consultation during the session.

Real full-body coconut oil massage.

Sessions are available after hours on demand.

No extra or hidden payments.

Why do you need it?

Because the bespoke session is tailored exclusively for you!

The main rule for embarking on an exciting, enjoyable, and orgasmic sexual journey is to first understand what works for your body and brings you happiness in the bedroom. Once you have explored and discovered your desires, you can confidently share them with your partner, creating a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual connection.

The best part of the session is that it is dedicated solely to your sexual education and experience. You don't need to worry about safety, focusing on your partner's pleasure, or forcing your body to enjoy or achieve an orgasm. You can simply relax and have an enjoyable unique experience in a comfortable space.

It is an opportunity to have several hours of your own time and a cosy atmosphere to enjoy and understand reactions and sensual nuances between your body and mind's orgasmic senses and the origins of erogenous feeling sources.

What results you can expect after the session?

Self-confidence boosts: understanding that you don't have as many sensual issues as you thought before and getting instructions to resolve the last ones.

Elevate sexual self-education: getting ideas and pieces of knowledge on how to improve your sexual life and ways to share them with your partner. Having answers to important intimacy questions.

Get a great orgasmic experience: opening new senses, erogenous zones, and ways to reach orgasmic feelings.

Promote personal wellness: a physical and psychological sexual stress relief.

Have a selfish good time: conversation, novelty, ecstatic, fun, relaxation, self-care.

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Questions and answers about safety and guarantees

Important - it is not sexual service, only bodywork by hand. There is no sexual exchange between the therapist and the client during a session.
Yes. Tantric Yoni sessions are safe if a practitioner uses them safely and hygienically.

This involves:
  • washing the hands before and after;
  • properly cleaning any massage tools;
  • not inserting any objects into the vagina that could cause injury or infection;
  • stopping if the massage becomes uncomfortable or painful.

The Yoni massage trend has led some companies to sell Yoni tools and equipment, such as eggs, wands, and vibrators. However, they can contain materials such as toxic latex, jade, or other crystals that are unsafe to insert into the vagina. Many crystals are porous, so it is impossible to sterilize them thoroughly.