How it Works: Yoni Massage?

Yoni massage is a full body massage undertaken with fragrant oils.

yoni massage is basically the massage of the genital area. A full body massage is also a part of the process, but the sensational massage will usually culminate in massage of the yoni. The genitals were traditionally worshipped as a part of everyday life in Hindu traditions and were revered and respected. Relaxing music will also be played as part of the healing and releasing process.

The full body massage will take place from head to foot and once relaxation and a state of bliss is developing, then the masseuse will massage your yoni. This massage will include the outer lips of the vulva and the clitoris. You will notice that this increases the stimulation and blood flow to your sacred space. The masseuse may insert a finger into your sacred space and gently massage. This is to find the “g” spot, which will lead to even more feelings of spiritual ecstasy and expansion.
Although orgasm is not the goal of yoni massage, it is encouraged and welcomed. The main focus of yoni massage is to treat the body to a spiritual experience of union after releasing negativity and blockages. Women are a little more self conscious about their bodies compared to men, so it may take a little longer to completely relax.

If you have problems with sexual intimacy, a yoni massage is a great way to overcome those barriers in a relaxed and understanding atmosphere. Honestly, it is more likely than not that you will find positive results experienced after a yoni massage as it will help to increase your self-confidence in your daily life.
This is a very intimate massage and so you need to feel a high degree of trust in your masseuse.

Many clients opt for leaving it to me – if I feel during the massage that your yoni would be open to this, I go ahead. If I don’t I don’t. And if I have miscalculated you can simply take my hand off your yoni. And if later you feel more ready you can put my hand back on.

In this ritual, you touch the yoni not from a place of creating arousal and orgasm, but from and intention to be in joy and wonder of this beautiful part of the body. The seed of a woman’s sexuality is in her heart. By following the guidance tantra offers, women learn to connect their heart to their yoni’s pleasure. This leads to a place where the goddess can experience her yoni as fully as she does her heart. There is so much emotion and trauma held in the yoni. To open there and release that clears the way for a whole new level of sexual experience. This process of healing the yoni, of releasing fears and trauma, is like pulling the weeds from a garden to allow space for beautiful flowers to grow. Tantra allows women to plant these flowers within their bodies — flowers of love, joy and ecstasy.
Some women think yoni massage is another word for stimulating the women’s genitals into excitement and orgasm, just like in normal sex. Some “therapists” see it as exactly that, and a woman wonders if she wants to pay someone for a hand job. A real yoni massage is not this – it is a therapeutic and empowering building of sensual connection with your genitals that you will never experience in normal sex.

yoni massage will often bring more sensitivity and aliveness to the female g spot, and lead to the amazing experience of female ejaculation

The yoni massage is therefore massaging the vagina, which is considered a sacred and worshipped part of the female body. However, the massage goes well beyond the pure physical touch and its main purpose is for the giver and the receiver to connect in such a way that the receiver experiences a complete and utter relaxation and feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Even though sexual arousal and orgasm are completely possible and welcomed, the main goal is for the woman to learn how to get in touch with her sexuality and sensuality, and to awaken her sexual energy.