Bangkok Oil Massage for Women
By Male Therapist

Take a break from the hectic Bangkok rhythm - experience the magic of an Oil massage, a haven of ultimate bliss!

Book a private oil massage session directly in your hotel room or home!
Renew your self-confidence
Let go of insecurities and complexes as you journey to better understand and harmonize with your body.
Open your mind to novel experiences
Every session depends on your body's needs and comfort zone scope.
Treat Yourself
Relax and pleasure the way you deserve and desire.

Oil Massage

Hi, I am Alex, a Nordic male Massage Therapist.
I provide oil massage sessions for women in Bangkok.

My work with Oil massages is a genuine body-based method for improving and healing sexual well-being. This is a contemplative journey into awakening as a woman, discovering your true sensuality, femininity and sexual energy, and entering your sexual power and sexual radiance.

My way of practical research empowers me to address a broad spectrum of sexual concerns with a robust methodology, often achieving results where traditional avenues have fallen short.

Guided by my expertise, I create a nurturing and comfortable space tailored to your needs, where gentle guidance aligns with your comfort level.
Why do women choose Oil massage?
  • Pleasure and Novelty
    • Getting an extraordinary and pleasurable experience.
    • Exploring new sensations.
    • Enjoying deep sensuality.
  • Holistic Well-being
    • Balancing of body and mind.
    • Pursuing overall sexual well-being.
    • Addressing specific health concerns.
  • Preventative Care
    • Using prophylactic sessions to reduce psychological sexual tension and relieve physical stress in the vaginal area within a secure, non-risky, non-judgmental, and hygienic environment.
What it’s like to get a Oil massage

Oil massage experience

Every Oil massage is a unique journey into your body's sensuality, and the basic steps are easy to understand.
  • Step 1: Preparation and Discussion
    Before the session begins, you'll discuss with the therapist to set intentions and boundaries and clarify any questions or concerns.
    The therapist will explain the process and ensure you're comfortable with the experience.
  • Step 2: Comfort and Relaxation
    You'll be asked to lie on a comfortable surface in a peaceful, dimly lit room. Soft music and calming scents may be used to create a relaxing ambience.
  • Step 3: Mindful Breathing
    The therapist may guide you through deep breathing exercises to help you relax and connect with your body.
  • Step 4: External Massage
    The therapist will start with gentle external massage techniques on your abdomen, thighs, and pelvic area to relax and prepare the body.
  • Step 5: Consent and Communication
    The therapist will ensure you are comfortable throughout the session and respect your boundaries. You can communicate your needs and preferences at any time.
  • Step 6: Yoni Massage
    The therapist may use gentle strokes, kneading, and circular motions to massage the external and internal areas. This phase is focused on relaxation and pleasure rather than specific goals.
  • Step 7: Release and Emotional Well-being
    You may experience emotional release during the massage, which is entirely normal. The therapist provides emotional support if needed.
  • Step 8: Closure and Relaxation
    The therapist will gradually conclude the Oil massage and may offer a closing meditation or relaxation exercise. You'll have time to rest and integrate the experience, savouring the sensations and newfound awareness.
  • Step 9: Post-Session Discussion
    After the massage, you can discuss your experience, share feedback, and ask questions. The therapist may offer guidance on self-care.
  • Step 10: Self-Care and Integration
    Following the session, engage in self-care activities like resting, drinking water, and reflecting on your experience. You can take time to process emotions inside yourself.

Book a Oil outcall session.

Outcall Oil massage service means therapists come to your hotel room or home on demand at your preferred location and time.
Contact Me
Don't be shy to ask awkward questions, and introduce your situation, and preferences.
Receive a Quick Consultation
This step helps us understand how to meet your expectations and ensures a personalized experience.
Book Your Outcall Session
Once we've clarified all the details during the consultation, you can proceed to book your outcall session.
Make Oil Massage a Gift to Yourself

Oil Massage price

It is not a sexual service: Oil massage involves no sexual exchange between the therapist and the client.
"Light" Oil Massage Session
  • The session typically lasts 1 hour.

Available only for morning and noon sessions.
  • You can book an outcall session for a hotel or condo.
  • In the process, you can upgrade to the next level.
2,000 THB | $60
3,000 THB | $90
"Delicacy" Oil Massage Session
  • The session typically lasts 2 hours.
  • Available for morning, noon and evening sessions.
  • You can book an outcall session for a hotel or condo.
  • In the process, you can upgrade to the next level.
5,000 THB | $150
"Sensual" Oil Massage Session
  • The session typically lasts 3-4 hours.
  • Available only for evening sessions.
  • You can book an outcall session for a hotel or condo.
  • In the process, you can upgrade to the next level.
9,000 THB | $250
Female-friendly massage service
Our service is exclusively designed for women, ensuring safety, confidentiality, and comfort at every moment of your experience

Your safety is my top priority

  • Safe accompany.
  • 3 times "Pfizer" vaccinated.
  • No cigarettes, or alcohol.

The session will be adjusted to your comfort boundaries

  • Performing is personalised for your comfort zone scope.
  • Emotional support during the session.
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • No pressure.

100% confidentiality

  • Your information is never shared with anyone outside, guaranteeing your complete confidentiality.
Please feel free to contact me in advance
I know you might feel nervous about the session. I'm here to answer your questions without judgment so you can see if I can assist you.

Bangkok Oil Massage for Women

Although you may typically associate massage with relaxation, an aromatherapy massage with energizing essential oils can help you to recharge and rejuvenate. According to an article from the Arthritis Foundation, essential oils such as peppermint and jasmine and citrus oils such as orange blossom, grapefruit and lemon all have uplifting properties. When used in massage, you will feel renewed and have more energy. You can also mix a few drops of these oils with a teaspoon of carrier oil like grapeseed and massage onto your temples for an energy boost at any time of the day.

The Oil Massage is a private affair. Private because you need to take your clothes of. With Thai Massage you are expected t wear loose fitting clothes. Leg and foot, shoulder and neck are also clothed massage. The Soapy Massage is like the Oil Massage, you have to get naked. Actually you don't have to be fully naked with Oil Massage if you are shy. You could leave your underwear on if you liked or drape a small towel over your private bits.

The massage itself is quite straightforward. Sometimes aromatic oils are used or you may get a choice of creams or lotions.The sensation as your muscles are stroked, pummelled and kneaded is extremely pleasurable. It is very relaxing and it would be very easy to drop to sleep. Some do as I know from eavesdropping. Back done and you turn over and the same caring attention is given to your front.

Massage oil is able to deeply penetrate your skin leaving it extremely soft and gentle to the touch. When you use a warming massage oil, you will restore nutrition that has been lost from your skin. Organic massage oil bring about a wide range of benefits like bettering your circulation, freeing you from stress, getting rid of pain, bringing your blood pressure down and easing emotional tension. It's very easy to use and apply to body.

There are different types of oils used for massaging the body. Each oil has its own unique properties like some have healing properties; other may have relaxing, calming or even erotic properties.

Essential oils have been known to have a positive effect on all the major physical systems of the body including the circulatory, lymphatic, eliminative, reproductive, endocrine, muscular and skeletal.

The effect of essential oils on the mental and emotions is extraordinary: uplifting depression, anxiety into clarity and stress into calming. Essential oils are known to be sedative or stimulating in nature, addressing the autonomic nervous system to produce the desired effect.

Lavender is the safest, oldest and most well known healing plant; it has been used as medicine, cosmetic, herb, and aromatherapy oil throughout history. Lavender Essential Oil is great for calming uncontrolled feelings and emotions. It's great to use for relaxing before bed.

Jasmine is probably best known as an aphrodisiac and has long been regarded as a "womans's oil". Jasmine is also thought of as a natural antidepressant. It's one of the oldest and most widely used of all scented botanicals and is considered a great base because it blends extremely well with other essential oils.

Bergamot is light and delicate - a citrus with a floral overtone and it has numerous healing properties. It's helpful in relieving anxiety, stress, tension and depression and at the same time it's uplifting and balancing to the mind and spirit. This oil blends well with other oils, especially the citrus blends.

Eucalyptus is a great support for the respiratory system, and is a popular ingredient in cough and throat remedy and chest rubs.This essential oil is also known to kill airborne bacteria and makes a great room disinfectant when used in a humidifier or diffuser! Eucalyptus is used as a massage oil because it's great at relieving muscle tension.

Avocado oil. This oil is best diluted at rate of 10% in lighter oil. It has good emollient properties and has great moisturizing, softening and ant-wrinkle benefits for the skin. It is also recommended for dry skins and for general skin inflammations.

Castor oil. It is especially effective when applied along the spinal column. When used with massages, the stroke of the massage should always follow the direction of the lymphatic drainage system.

Sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil is considered one of the best base oil for massage therapy because of its light weight property. It adds just the right slip to the skin. It is suitable for any skin type and improves the skin's complexion and retains glow.

Coconut oil. This oil is very soothing and helps remove stress in the body. Applying it on the scalp with a gentle massage helps reduce mental fatigue.

Grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil leaves your skin smooth without the feeling of greasiness. It is also one of the most commonly used essential oils in massages. It is easily absorbed on the skin and has nourishing properties.

Olive oil. This oil is amazing especially for prolonged massage because of its fluidity and spreading capacity. It soothes and relieves muscle and joint pains. It also slows the onset of fatigue and cramps.

Lavender oil. This oil is extracted from the flowers of the plant. This is ideal oil for a hot stone therapy session. The heat of the massage rock and the beneficial effects of lavender oil will be able to relieve pain and enhance blood circulation.


I know you might feel nervous about the session. I'm here to answer your questions without judgment.

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