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Why do women enjoy tantric yoni therapy?

tantric yoni therapy

Women enjoy tantric and yoni massage therapies because they are highly personalised for their unique sensual experiance.

It is not about forcing the body to cum or share pleasure, attention or energy with a partner; no, nothing else exists in the therapy moment. She becomes the universe's main point in the hands of a professional therapist. She can relax, absorb body signals and enjoy pleasurable experiance when she gets absolute love, attention, and energy only for herself.

Perhaps it's only for a brief period during the therapy, but someone cares about her. Touch and treat the way she likes, deserves and desires.

Often, this may be the first time in 30 to 50 years of her life that nobody judges, corrects, or exerts control over her. Then, she begins to comprehend what she truly feels and appreciates and what brings her happiness.