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What sets Yoni massage apart from sexual intercourse and self-pleasure?

What sets Yoni massage apart from sexual intercourse and self-pleasure?

Yoni massage lets you feel what you usually can't feel when a partner touches you; you force your mind and body to perform instead of relaxing into pleasure.

It makes a huge difference to your brain when you can slow down and only feel your natural sensuality, hear only your body's voice and analyse and understand only your needs and wants.

Primitive example: There are big differences between delicious food degustation in a fancy place, boring cooking for yourself, or being a professional everyday same food cooker.

Other differences:

- Yoni massage is primarily for new body experiences, holistic well-being, emotional release, and personal growth.

- Yoni massage is conducted by therapists who follow ethical guidelines, ensuring a safe and respectful environment. It is not driven by sexual desire or intimacy.

- Yoni massage often incorporates mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and meditation to enhance the mind-body connection, whereas sex and masturbation typically focus on physical pleasure.

Emotional Release:
- Yoni massage can lead to emotional release and healing, allowing individuals to process and let go of past traumas or emotional blockages, which is not the primary purpose of sex or self-pleasure.

- Yoni massage sessions strictly maintain boundaries to prevent sexual activity between the therapist and the client, fostering a safe and therapeutic environment.

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