Conditions When Tantric Yoni Therapy Can Help You

Yoni therapy is not a fundamental medical licensed service. However, anecdotal evidence with a long history suggests that it may provide benefits if:
  • You don't have orgasm
    Your body can experience six intense feelings of orgasmic pleasure in the genitals and throughout the body.
  • You have low libido, sexual desire and interest in sex
    Yoni therapy aims to teach your body and mind how to awaken and reignite libido, and sexual desires, fostering a more fulfilling and enriched sexual life.
  • You have vaginal contraction at penetration – vaginismus
    Tantric yoni therapy can assist in relaxing muscles and easing vaginal contractions during penetration, aiding in the management of vaginismus.
  • You don't know your body, and dont understand your sensitivity level
    Yoni therapy helps explore your body's sensitivity levels and learn reactions to different stimulation types.
  • You have vaginal dryness
    It can impact for vaginal rejuvenation and teach your body how to increase wetness.
  • You feel disconnected from your body in sex
    It can foster a deeper connection with your body, enhancing your awareness and presence during sexual encounters.
  • You focus excessively on your partner's pleasure in sex
    It encourages a balanced focus on both partners' pleasure, promoting a more holistic and mutually satisfying experience.
  • You don't have feelings during sex in vigina
    By exploring sensuality and enhancing awareness, it may help in experiencing deeper sensations during sex.
  • You have a low overall body sensitivity
    Yoni therapy helps figure out what works better for you.
  • You are too much in your head during sex
    Tantric practices can aid in quieting the mind, allowing for a more present and enjoyable sexual experience.
  • You feel uncomfortable receiving sex
    It offers a space to explore and address discomfort, promoting a sense of comfort and acceptance.
  • You have problems with arousal
    Through various techniques, it aims to address and enhance arousal levels.
  • You feel unconfident in sex
    It may help build confidence by fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of one's body and desires.
  • You don't want to have sex
    Tantric yoni therapy may help rekindle interest and passion for sexual intimacy.
  • You feel anxiety about sex
    It provides a safe and non-judgmental environment to address and alleviate feelings of anxiety and shame related to sex.
  • You have sex addictions
    It can stabilise your temperament and control spontaneous wants.
  • You have sexual trauma
    It offers tools and techniques to heal from past traumas and establish a healthier relationship with sexuality.
  • You have never had sex
    It can become a safe introduction to your body's sensuality without fear of losing your virginity.
  • You feel self-conscious
    It open your mind, and you become more in shape with your body.
  • You fear of penetration
    Focusing on relaxation and comfort aims to address and ease fears associated with penetration.
  • You feel shame in sex
    Through self-awareness practices, it can assist in reducing self-consciousness and promoting self-acceptance.
  • You can't relax in sex
    Tantric techniques may help induce relaxation, fostering a more comfortable and enjoyable sexual experience.
  • You don't enjoy sex with your partner
    Regular yoni therapy can teach your mind and body to react more excitedly to your partner.
  • You have mental blocks
    It encourages the release of mental barriers, allowing for a freer and more fulfilling sexual experience.
  • You physically need touchings
    It acknowledges and emphasizes the importance of physical touch in sexual experiences and can involve cuddling therapy.
  • You don't have sexual contact for a month or more
    Tantric practices can assist in re-establishing connection and intimacy after periods without sexual contact.
  • You have menopause
    Yoni massage during menopause can relieve relaxation, ease tension, and enhance blood flow.
  • You have anorgasmia - difficulty with reaching orgasm climax
    Yoni massage may assist with anorgasmia by promoting relaxation, increasing awareness of sensations, and addressing psychological barriers.

20 Benefits of Tantric Yoni Massage Therapy

  1. Releases general anxieties, trauma, emotional blockages, stress and tensions;
  2. Increases body awareness and supports the body to become more erogenous, sensitive, and orgasmic;
  3. Increases blood circulation to the genitals, inducing more intense feelings and better genital health;
  4. Awakens the clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, the vagina, and cervix, enabling more sensitivity and pleasure;
  5. Stimulates mental health, healthy relationships, personal development, and spiritual practice;
  6. Helps to control and relax abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles, the vaginal walls, cervix and uterus;
  7. Helps to relax the body better and surrender to pleasurable feelings;
  8. It opens up the opportunity to experience different kinds of orgasms;
  9. Alleviates or cures vaginal pains and pain during intercourse;
  10. Alleviates menstrual cramps and regulates periods;
  11. Improves bowel movement and digestion and decreases constipation;
  12. Increases libido and sexual pleasure;
  13. Improves lubrication and more intense orgasms;
  14. Removes feelings of guilt and shame;
  15. Increases self-awareness and self-trust;
  16. Boosts your immune system;
  17. Enhances sleep quality;
  18. Helps control orgasms;
  19. It enhances mood;
  20. Promotes fertility.

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