Yoni Massage Therapy FAQs: Understanding Benefits, Techniques, and Precautions

Explore our comprehensive FAQ about Yoni Massage Therapy. Get answers to common questions on its benefits, techniques, what to expect, and necessary precautions. Enhance your understanding of this empowering wellness practice.
You might have encountered confusing information and questionable offers related to Tantric Yoni massage online.

Let me clarify what genuine and professional Tantric Yoni massage therapy is about.

The massage has roots in the Tantric sexual technique. Yoni (wiki) is the Sanskrit word for womb, vulva or vagina, and it roughly translates as “sacred cave” or “sacred space.”

It is the part of the Tantric massage where you work specifically on the vagina. It is a unique technique inside the vagina:
– it has a healing effect
– it awakens your vagina in deeper dimensions than the usual stimulation
– it creates a unique nourishing and expansive sexual energy in the vagina
– it connects you to your vagina physically, emotionally and spiritually