Is a Hotel or Home preferred for Yoni Massage?

Generally, either way can be convenient to both party i.e therapist and client. But parties are more covenient doing the service at their private rooms. Of course, others prefer having it in the hotel as compared to having it at home. Newbies in fact prefer doing it at home than in hotels.

Few reasons why people prefer doing at home are the following;
  • They want to be in control
  • They feel more respected when being at home
  • They are more empowered and can decide immediately should the client feel ackward or disrespected
  • They become more open and chatty
  • They’re comfortable , especially new to Yoni Massage
  • They want to be more private, or they feel the privacy if they’re doing it at home
  • They wanted to please their partners watching her experience the sensual massage – kinky!
  • They wanted to be bossy. Well, in some cases, clients who’re doing it at home tend be bossy at times
  • They feel secured
  • They are more authoritative to some extent.
  • They can freely instruct, inform and even demand what areas to start first
There are a ton of reasons why people prefer it done at home, but generally most of these are because they are new to Yoni Massage. To close this topic, if you’re new to Yoni Massage, I would suggest to start the service at home. In this way you’ll be more empowered and more open. Besides, that’s the point of this massage i.e to empower you by unleasing your desires in a more safer way. Of course, that’s still stress.