Sensual Session Prices

I never perform bodywork as a mere service. I aim to provide you with a personalised approach and connection, a delightful experience, positive emotions, new insights, and help with intimacy issues.
Sensual Tantric Yoni Massage
  • The ancient art of an authentic yoni massage session is the best way to start an introduction to sensual tantric yoni therapy and truly understand what it can entail.
  • The session can last 2 hours.
Intro conversation.
Relaxation full-body oil massage.
Spiritual energy work.
Tantric Yoni massage.
7,000 THB | $200
Intense Yoni
  • This squirting yoni session combines the ancient art of tantric yoni massage with sensual bodywork techniques to deepen the sexual possibilities and the connection between your body, soul, and mind.


The session lasts about 3 hours.



Intro conversation.

Squirting school.

Sensual full-body oil massage.

Squirting Tantric Yoni massage.

10,000 THB | $300

Lectures, Trainings, Workshops & Tours

Services are available on demand in Thailand and worldwide. For pricing information, please contact me directly.
VIP Sessions
I can fly to you for a personal 4-7 days-long sensual exploration, erogenous zones sensitivity increasing and sexual energy awakening session.
Sexuality Workshops & Tours
Sexuality workshops, lectures, and international tours to empower women on their journey of self-discovery and sexual wellness.
Yoni Massage Training
1-2-day yoni massage and certified yoni therapist training.

Sex Coaching and Intimacy Issues Support

"Orgasmic Sex is a Skill"
Gain sensuality, orgasmic feelings and sexual self-confidence to take your life to the next level.

How to become more sensual and multi-orgasmic?

Discover your erogenous zones and increase sexual pleasure during sex and masturbation.

How to increase libido?

Tips about how to increase low libido, sexual drive, arousal and desire.

How to resolve awkward intimacy issues?

Connection with a partner, climax, mental blocks, menopause, vaginal dryness, pains, etc.

How to squirt?

Squirt doesn't come naturally, but you can learn it.

How to enjoy anal sex?

Things you need to know to have incredible anal sex.

How to become more prepared for sex?

Boost your sexual self confidence.

Abdominal training program

Body training for a better sensual experience

Self pleasure & Sex Toys

Mindful masturbation techniques and toys every vulva owner needs.

How to perform your secret kinky dreams?

Discover the incredibly intense world of BDSM.

How to talk dirty?

Bad girl mood and dirty phrases to turn him on and build sexual tension.

Sex positions that suit you

Explore new sex positions that suit your body best.

How to pleasure your partner?

Intense sexual techniques to make your partner happy.
It is by appointment only.
Please send me your initial inquiry,
I will send further details.

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