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  • Lucy, Switzerland
    Age 33 years
    I was a bit nervous at first as I had never done anything like this before. But Alex immediately gives you a feeling of trust and freedom to feel everything you feel and to simply be your sensual self. I felt safe and he took a lot of time and was very patient and gentle. I can therefore only highly recommend Alex's service!
  • Natalia, Indonesia
    Age 35 years
    Alex was knowledgable, skilled and made me feel safe and comfortable enough that I was able to have a fully embodied experience.
    I’ve had two sessions and it feels like doors are opened I didn’t even know could open for me. All women deserve to receive pleasure like this!
  • Katrin, New Zealand
    Age 44 years
    Imagine a relaxed indulgent cocoon of bliss where you get to surrender to the delights of intelligent company and sensual touch. Alex treats you with utmost respect, creating a safe, non-judgemental space to receive pleasure. I wanted to reconnect with my feminine sexual energy. I left feeling beautiful, sexy and desirable. Ladies, this is a life affirming experience - do it! Thanks again Alex!
  • Rachel, US
    Age 42 years
    Thanks for today it was a wonderful learning curve into better opening up to myself and others. I now have some new ideas I can bring back to my beloved husband.

    Thank you for your attention and presence as well as holding a safe space.
  • Anna, Singapore
    Age 40 years
    Hello Alex, I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing session you provided today.
    Loved your thoughtful approach to create warm and supportive environment throughout the session.
    Surrendering to the touches was actually very liberating. I'm not too sure how to express in words, but I'm glad to have found you, and allowed to experience it.
    You helped to discover the somehow lost feminine in me, made me feel more of a confident woman, healed a little more, came closer to my core self, and feel more connected with my partner than ever.
  • Shakira, US

    Age 46 years
    For traditional women like myself, rekindling the sexual connection with their partner is invaluable. Thank you for your work ethic, your patience, kindness, respectfulness, and professionalism.
  • Nina, Slovakia

    Age 25 years
    I'm truly grateful for this opportunity to learn more about the sensual collaboration between my body and mind from you. It was informative, intense, kind, and professional. Thank you so much!
  • Farida, UAE

    Age 29 years
    I was rather nervous as I had never tried anything similar before or had any experience with sensual interaction with men. However, the session was quite unbelievable; sensual, pleasant, non-judgmental, attentive, and respectful of my cultural and religious specifics.
  • Clara, England
    Age 52 years
    Thank you ever so much, Alex, for opening up this new world of sensuality for me. Your workshop made me realize that I've missed out on half of my life, but now I can see how I can change it.
  • Emma, Switzerland
    Age 35 years
    I am grateful for the beautiful yoni therapy experience and memories he has given me. It was a great encounter and deep conversation. It changed me; I never forget this experience.
  • Layla, UAE
    Age 45 years
    Like a loyal client, I can share that Alex is always polite, respectful and professional, never breaking boundaries or making me uncomfortable during the session.
  • Fang, China
    Age 32 years
    I highly recommend a session with Alex; he has magic hands, a clear mind and a nice personality. I like our conversations, not less of the main therapy.
  • Emma, Denmark
    Age 25 years
    I had an amazing experience. I was so nervous before but he made me feel calm and comfortable. He helped me so much to learn about myself and my own body. It was so worth it and I recommend every woman to try this. Thank you!
  • Nook, Thailand
    Age 35 years
    It was a very lovely meeting. I was in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, and I had an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing that knowledge with me!
  • Cristina, Malaysia
    Age 33 years
    I feel taken care of during the massagw with Alex. He is nice and kind. He made some conversations to make me feel comfortable and reduce my nervousness before starting explaining more about the session. It was my first time someone (a man) so close to me and touch my private part but I feel completely safe. He understood my consent. Besides yoni, you can talk everything with him.
  • Maria, Philippines
    Age 39 years
    I was so nervous but got only good experiance. Alex is a real professional; he creates a safe atmosphere and acts gently, politely, and respectfully. Highly recommend!
  • Ya, Taiwan
    Age 31 years
    I have tried other yoni massage therapists in Thailand and Taiwan, but for me, Alex's style fits better, no rush, gentle and adapted to my high sensitivity. And it was so good! I am waiting for my next visit.
  • Pin, Thailand
    Age 34 years
    I can say that I am advanced in exploring my sensuality and trying new things: I have a vast toy collection and rich experience in traditional and kinky sexual life. Beyond Alex, I tried different Yoni therapists, too, and in my opinion, it is one of the best. Why? First, he has an authentic performing style without toys and stimulants. Second, he is a hard worker and client-oriented therapist. The third is the 5* service vibe - no rush, safe, respectful, polite.
  • Aditi, India
    Age 51 years
    I am a traditional woman and was scared to break my moral boundaries, but Alex has a respectful work ethic, vital energy and strong hands. I liked the session a lot. It was 5 or 6 times in my whole life when my body felt this level of sensitivity and pleasure.
  • Hanna, Singapore
    Age 40 years
    It was amusing – at 40, it was the most spontaneous and adventurous decision in years. But the experience was unbelievable; I got the most potent sensitive waives of my last ten years. Three hours of pure bliss is entirely worth it!
  • Ling, Taiwan
    Age 40 years
    It was a different level: I learned about and experienced true sexual satisfaction and happiness. Far from the chaos that usually accompanies sexual contact, I felt things in my body that fell far brighter than any previous sexual interaction.
  • Ann, Netherlands
    Age 30 years
    Friendly and very knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and health conditions. Explained the process expectations and answered ALL questions. Great experience with Alex!
  • Aimee, USA
    Age 40 years
    A friend told me about erotic yoni massage when I confessed I found sex boring. I could never feel much down there, and nothing I tried seemed to work, like sex toys. I was initially nervous, but my body became more responsive during the massage. The touch was compassionate and exploratory, and I felt these incredible sensations in my body.
  • Julie, UK
    Age 38 years
    Alex knows what he’s doing and adjusts bodywork to my needs. He heard and understood my body and focused on the areas of concern, making my experience excellent.
  • Lisa, USA
    Age 40 years
    I got out of the relationship some time ago, but every time I had sex, I felt like I was holding back or tightening up. During the yoni massage, we explored this issue, physically, emotionally and sexually. It helped me view sex and being touched more positively. I'm still getting there, but the more sessions I attend, the better I feel.
  • Zara, Malaysia
    Age 40 years
    Sometimes everything coincides, the mood, the place, the atmosphere, the person, the attunement, the intimacy, the surrender, the cadence, the fulfilment, the intoxication. This journey has been worth gold to me. I now feel like a free woman, whose sexual energy is allowed to flow unhindered. In a word: Heavenly!
  • Nat, Thailand
    Age 40 years
    I get something different out of every session. Today, I feel proud that I am not afraid to take the next step in my personal development path, becoming the more confident and sexual woman I want to be. Yoni massage is a gift to yourself.
  • Sunarti, Indonesia
    Age 40 years
    Wow, It was amazing! I never knew so much about my level of sensitivity. The session was respectful, relaxed and polite for my personality and issues: no pressure or stress, just professional bodywork.
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  • 97%
    find it the unique and surprisingly pleasurable of all other sensual experiences
  • 94%
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  • 96%
    agree that it helps them learn more about their body's sensuality and understand what they really like