Tantric Yoni Massage and Workshop Prices

It is not a sexual service: sensual Yoni massage focuses exclusively on women's personal wellness and sensual experiences.
"Authentic Yoni"
Massage Session
  • An authentic massage session is the best way to start an introduction to tantric yoni healing therapy and truly understand what it entails.
  • The session lasts 180 min (3h).
  • You can add CBD and aroma oil therapy.
  • Discount for next session or monthly subscription.
  • Available for morning, noon and evening.
  • In the process, you can upgrade to the next level.
5,000 THB | $150
"Sensual Manifestation"
Tantric Yoni Retreat
  • The sensual manifestation retreat is an intense sensual awakening and exploring experience with a restarting effect.
  • The full-day retreat lasts 10 hours with coffee and food pauses.
  • The 1 part includes a theory of "how it works", goal-setting and casual conversation.
  • The 2 part is a tantric yoni massage session to empower sensual self-discovery; bodywork focuses on deeply exploring your body's erogenous zones and learning more about your sensuality.
  • The 3 part involves relaxation and experiencing mindfulness.
  • The 4 part comprises goal setting.
  • The 5 part is bodywork practicum by topic you aim to improve. You will delve into understanding the deeper levels of your body's sensuality and explore and master new or refined techniques for real-life application.
  • The 6 closing part is an experience sharing and question-answer.
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14,000 THB | $400
Want a special price?
  1. Book a monthly therapy package and save up to 50%.
  2. Refer friends and get a 20% discount or a 1000 baht reward for the "Authentic Yoni Massage" recommendation.
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Philosophy of Yoni Mapping Therapy

Every sex therapy in my performance is a unique experience. I am passionate about creating a safe, non-judgmental and nurturing space for women to explore their yoni space, their connection to their body.

Any Yoni session does not involve sexual contact; It is sacral bodywork!

During all times of performance, the main point of the universe is only You and Your body's erogenous zones exploring! Some you know well, but some will be an exciting surprise for you.

My therapy is not similar to just a sensual massage, masturbation, or other satisfaction of your sexual needs. No, this is a soft, blissful and long journey to the next level of the origins of your true sexuality and dormant sensitivity.

I never use toys and artifactual stimulants. So, you enjoy an authentic sensual experience with smooth, long and more intensive waves of climax.

You can be sure you'll be in a secure and comfortable environment. I guarantee an atmosphere that is polite, gentle, non-judgmental, and respectful of your boundaries.

What does a Yoni massage session look like?

Depending on your preferences and body sensitivity, the yoni session can last 2 to 6 hours from when the therapist visits until he leaves.
  • Step 1: Preparation and Discussion
    Before the session begins, you'll discuss setting intentions and boundaries with the therapist and clarify any questions or concerns. The therapist will explain the process and ensure you're comfortable with the experience
  • Step 2: Comfort and Relaxation
    You'll be asked to lie on a comfortable surface in a peaceful, dimly lit room. Soft music and calming scents may be used to create a relaxing ambience.
  • Step 3: Mindful Breathing
    The therapist may guide you through deep breathing exercises to help you relax and connect with your body.
  • Step 4: External Oil Massage
    The therapist will start with gentle external coconut oil massage techniques on your back, legs, abdomen, thighs, and pelvic area to relax and prepare the body.
  • Step 5: Consent and Communication
    The therapist's respect for your boundaries will make you comfortable, relaxed and safe throughout the session. You can communicate your needs and preferences at any time.
  • Step 6: Yoni Massage
    The therapist may use techniques like gentle strokes, kneading, and circular motions to massage the external and internal areas of the Yoni (vaginal area). This primary phase is focused on your pleasure and deep level of sensuality.
  • Step 7: Release and Emotional Well-being
    You may experience emotional release during the massage, which is entirely normal. The therapist provides emotional support if needed.
  • Step 8: Closure and Relaxation
    The therapist will gradually conclude the Yoni massage and may offer a closing meditation or relaxation exercise. You'll have time to rest and integrate the experience, savouring the sensations and newfound awareness.
  • Step 9: Post-Session Discussion
    After the massage, you can discuss your experience, share feedback, and ask questions.
  • Step 10: Self-Care and Integration
    Following the session, engage in self-care activities like resting, drinking water, and reflecting on your experience. You can take time to process emotions inside yourself.

F.A.Q about Tantric Yoni Therapy

  • What is the level of your body sensitivity?
  • How do you take your body? Why do you shy or have other blocks?
  • How to make your life in the bedroom more exciting and pleasurable.
  • How do you get more orgasms, and what types of orgasms are for you?
  • What part of your body and yoni area is more sensitive, and for what?
  • What sex positions work best, especially for you?
  • What style, positions and intensity must you use to achieve a more powerful climax?
  • What are you afraid of, don't like, or not accept in sex?
  • Where is the problem, in your mind, body or maybe partner?
  • How do you improve your self-pleasure technique?
  • Why are you feeling physical pain, shame, fear and disinterest in sexuality?
  • What are your secret dreams, and what sensual experiance do you want to try next?
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