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Welcome to Tantra Massage Bangkok. Intense, Intimate, and Sensual Full Body Massage Therapy Service. The Touch and Cuddle of Love is The Best Wonderful Therapy Art to Awaken & Healing Your Sacred Energy

Tantra Massage Bangkok

Namaste! I’m a male massage therapist offering a range of tantra massages and yoni healing exclusively for women. This inclusive service encompasses sensual erotic massage and genital massage, conducted as an outcall service in Bangkok.
Tantra massage, also known as tantric massage, is a ritualistic and erotic experience that involves a full-body massage. It focuses on manipulating energy flow within the body to promote physical and emotional well-being. Through a combination of touch and worship, it seeks to awaken both body and soul, tapping into sacred sexual energy. Therefore, tantra massage transcends mere physical therapy; it is a sensual-erotic ritual that employs massage techniques, cuddle therapy, meditation, and special breathing exercises to awaken the body's energy chakras and unleash sexual energy. This results in genuine excitement, spiritual bliss, and an unforgettable journey into deep relaxation and comfort.

Authentic Professional Holistic Tantra Massage For Women

If you’re experiencing excessive stress, tired Exhausting work,
low desire in sensual drive, Or need new experiences, If you have these symptoms. you should try it.


Tantra Massage, also known as Tantric Massage, is a spiritual practice that focuses on awakening your sacred energy through touch. This type of massage incorporates energy healing and aims to awaken sacred energy within you. Tantra is effective in releasing both physical and emotional stress, as well as removing blockages, allowing you to reconnect with your sexual energy and regain fulfilment in your sex life.
In addition to providing complete relaxation for the entire body, an authentic Tantric Massage is a revered ritual of worship, designed to imbue you with feelings of love. It combines body worship with meditation, using delicate strokes and nurturing touches to stimulate your sensual energy, leading you to experience pure bliss. Throughout the massage, there is an exchange of energy between the giver and the receiver, maximizing the benefits of Tantric Massage – the awakening of your energy and the reception of the therapist's energy.
To fully experience the benefits of Tantric Massage, including energy awakening and exchange, mastering breathing techniques is essential. By controlling your perineal muscles and breath, you can prolong orgasms, enhancing your pleasure and allowing your sensual energy to radiate throughout your body. This sacred ritual, conducted with skilled hands, warm oil, and various accessories, awakens your sexuality and fills your entire being with bliss.
Allow me to demonstrate how I blend the finest Eastern and Western Tantra practices with erotic massage techniques to provide you with an unparalleled experience.

Benefits of Tantra Healing & Massage Therapy

Therapy & Healing through Tantra practices offers a wide array of physical, emotional, and psychological benefits. These include stress reduction, promoting deep relaxation to alleviate stress and anxiety. Engaging in Tantra methods can enhance body awareness, facilitating a deeper understanding of your body's sensations and requirements. It also revitalizes your senses, fostering a reconnection with yourself and your soul, thereby awakening your highest potential and promoting healing for both body and mind.
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Tantra Massage and Therapies for Women in Bangkok

All sessions and training are available outside Bangkok and Thailand (travel expenses cover customers) by request.
Tantric Yoni Massage Therapy
  • The ancient art of an authentic yoni massage session is the best way to start an introduction to tantric yoni therapy and truly understand what it can entail.
  • The session can last 2 hours.
All sessions include:
Intro conversation.
Relaxation full-body oil massage.
Spiritual energy work.
Sensual Yoni massage.
Consultation with a life/sex coach.

You can choose between 2 types:
"Authentic Tantric" Yoni massage.
"Squirting" Yoni massage.
7,000 THB | $200
"Sensation Diagnosis"
Feminine Potential Calibration
  • This exciting half-day workshop helps women understand their body's pleasure potential. It diagnoses the situation and provides a step-by-step guide to becoming more sensual, satisfied, and experiencing multiple orgasms.
  • The workshop lasts 5+ hours.
  • The 1 part includes a curious knowledge of how sexuality works in your mind, soul and body and how it impacts the level of satisfaction with your personal life results.
In the 2 part, we will make your step-by-step life-changing guidebook to increase your sensuality and become more sexually confident, happy and successful.
  • The 3 session part is bodyworks which focuses on explaining your pleasure anatomy to teach you how to recognise erogenous zones, sensual energy and feel more orgasms.
15,000 THB | $400