Essential Tips for Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a full body massage undertaken with fragrant oils.

New clients to you Yoni Massage usually asks us what to prepare during the session. Actually, I would only recommend three of them. This is basically what I see appropriate and hygienic. In the end my number one priority is your health.

1. Oil/Lotion. Either way or to what you’re comfortable with. Scome clients prefer lotion over oil or vice versa. As a new client, I would suggest to prepare your own oil or lotion. I’m realy particular with this considering that some skin are not “hiyang” to just any lotion or oil so preparing your own would be very much preferred.

2. Towel. I’ve tried bringing my own before but majority of my clients prefer using their own. As per observation, people feel much safer using their own towel hence, I opted not to bring anymore and suggested to new clients that, it would be much better, pratical and hygienic to have your own or prepare your own. I would suggest you prepare two and an extra face towel. But of course, this is not a prerequisit, but sometimes new to this type of massage e.g yoni massage might feel ashamed of showing themselves to us. If you’ve been doing this for nth time already, feel free to do what you deemed appropriate during the session.

3. Yourself. Well, I think you need to prepare yourself. I would suggest you go browsing and reading content related to this approach just to prepare and condition yourself on what will happen during the session. This is the better if not the best way to prepare and condition yourself.

More tips for beginners will be up soon. If you have questions, please don’t forget to use the comment section. I’ll try my very best to answer it as honestly as possible.