Special Massage For Women by Western Male Masseur.

Yoni Massage & Erotic Massage For Women in Bangkok

Hi, I am Alex, a Western practitioner of sacral therapy, I am living in Bangkok and specialising in Yoni therapy and erotic tantra massage for women.

My goal is to create a safe space to inspire your sexuality and open a door for you to explore, learn, experiment, and above all… have pleasure!

Sexuality is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life and the tremendous number of ways in which it plays out always fascinated me.

Yoni Massage Bangkok is based on a decade of exploration and practical experience, to encourage women to become more confident, free, open and satisfied with their sex life.

Safe space in time to explore yourself and focus only on your pleasure and desires.

It’s a journey I wish every woman will allow herself to step into and I’m honored to be part of it.


Yoni Massage Bangkok is all about feeling joy and pleasure, relieving stress, and finding out what feels good, it's a special opportunity to meet and fulfil your needs and desire for novelty, discovery, exploration, freedom and pleasure.

I offer a unique experience that combines relaxing therapeutic and Tantric massage techniques with enhancements that heighten the senses and then release intense pleasure based on each woman's personal preferences.

WHY DO You NEED yoni massage?

First, because you deserve it!
Allow yourself to become completely immersed in your sexual experience like you are on your own and there is no one else around.
Familiarize yourself with a wider range of feel-good sensations, develop a new understanding of your sexuality, and scrap any guilt or shame you feel about it.

Learn to let go, be free, confident, relax and most importantly, ENJOY!

Join me for a journey of Love!

HOW DOES Yoni Massage WORK?

We start with a talk. I’ll explain about the session and will answer all your questions.

This is a very intimate massage, based on openness and trust.

There is no "normal" way, or one way, to do Yoni massage. There is no rush, no expectations, and no criticism or judgment at any time - just totally relaxing, pleasure, and pampering the way a woman deserves and desires.

I offer a variety of experiences, and you are welcome to choose the one that feels right for you most. Although, naturally, the session with the male masseur offers an inherently different experience from the session with me, both options are uniquely special, and we both perform a personalized massage treatment custom-develop to your specific needs and desires.

In our Erotic 4-hands session, where both of us work together, you can enjoy the exciting harmony of male and female sexual energies, perfectly complementing each other to create an exceptional and fulfilling experience.

All sessions begin with a soft oil massage and then unfold into endless possibilities...

My goal is Women's sexual pleasure and expand their sexual potential

I want to share with you a few words so you will have a better understanding of our service.

My first goal is your pleasure or anything else. We want to give you this experience from a firm belief that women deserve to enjoy their sexuality openly and naturally, with no shame, no shyness, and no guilt.

Remember: Your definition of success is enjoying this new experience and not wondering if you’re doing it “right.” If it feels good, you’re doing it right.
Allow yourself to feel good having no goal beyond, just experiencing this excitement and pleasure.

It’s all about you, for you, and only you matter! The only relationship you have here is between you and your body, learn to know your body and all the glorious things it can do for you.
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Special Massage and Therapies for Women

All sessions and training are available outside Bangkok and Thailand (travel expenses cover customers) by request.
Yoni Massage Therapy
  • The ancient art of an authentic yoni massage session is the best way to start an introduction to tantric yoni therapy and truly understand what it can entail.
  • The session can last 2 hours.
All sessions include:
Intro conversation.
Relaxation full-body oil massage.
Spiritual energy work.
Sensual Yoni massage.
Consultation with a life/sex coach.

You can choose between 2 types:
"Authentic Tantric" Yoni massage.
"Squirting" Yoni massage.
7,000 THB | $200
"Sensation Diagnosis"
Feminine Potential Calibration
  • This exciting half-day workshop helps women understand their body's pleasure potential. It diagnoses the situation and provides a step-by-step guide to becoming more sensual, satisfied, and experiencing multiple orgasms.
  • The workshop lasts 5+ hours.
  • The 1 part includes a curious knowledge of how sexuality works in your mind, soul and body and how it impacts the level of satisfaction with your personal life results.
In the 2 part, we will make your step-by-step life-changing guidebook to increase your sensuality and become more sexually confident, happy and successful.
  • The 3 session part is bodyworks which focuses on explaining your pleasure anatomy to teach you how to recognise erogenous zones, sensual energy and feel more orgasms.
15,000 THB | $400